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Project Photo Doodle and all doodles by Phil Wall. Header Photo taken by Rick Harrison in Leeds, England.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Monsters & Moustaches #11

Photo sent by Lucy Adlard of the Leeds Guide Magazine

Big thank you to Lucy for the donation to my Movember and letting me put 'Monstaches' on her family pic.

Those still waiting on a Movember doodle, I'm really sorry about the delay, I've been very busy lately. I will catch up this week, I promise! There's still over a week of Movember left, so if you'd like me to doodle a 'Monster & Moustache' on your photo and also help a good cause;

A small donation (min £1) to; Project Photo Doodle on Movember
You can send a photo for doodling to;

Then it's back to doodling on the world, one photo at a time. So, keep sending photos from your adventures in travel. Or send me a photo of yourself and I'll replace your head with a doodley head.


  1. The green critter is brilliant! got to love moustache tail! AND moustache tentacles! I would like to have a little octopussy on my shoulder alternating his tentacles into different tashes! :D

  2. the little monster is ace ha