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Project Photo Doodle and all doodles by Phil Wall. Header Photo taken by Rick Harrison in Leeds, England.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Love Arts Leeds: Happiness Postcard Exhibition

I'm gonna be part of this great exhibition showing at the Leeds Art Gallery from September 28 - October 12. There will be 50 local, national and international artists showing work at the exhibition. It's in the Art Space (near the shop).

The postcard exhibition is part of the Love Arts Festival, which celebrates the role of the arts in improving the mental health and well-being. With the theme of happiness.

So, here's my postcard;

The photo was taken by my wife Hayley Wall while on our honeymoon in Tokyo. One of the happiest times of my life. It was taken from the top of Tokyo Tower.

All postcards will be raffled at the end of the project. Proceeds will go towards raising funds for initiatives that promote positive mental health and well-being through the arts. This is a cause that's very close to my heart for personal reasons and I'm really glad to be part of it. I hope you can go along to see my postcard and all the other great works.

More info about the exhibition on this link

Friday, 16 September 2011

Tongue Tied

Otley Courthouse, Otley, England. Photo taken by Morven Hamilton (from Glasgow, living in York).

Cheers for the photo Morven! You can follow her on twitter and check out her website by clicking on her name above.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Catching Some Air

Tel Aviv beach, Israel. Photo taken by Ilana Bar-Cochva (from Israel).

This is possibly my new favourite photo-doodle. Ilana sent me a few photos from Israel to collaborate on, so more to come. Thanks a lot Ilana, I love this!

The Thing From Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar. Photo taken by Michelle Holt (from Morecambe, Lancashire) of Printed

The water looks very nice! Thanks to Michelle for the photo.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Hello There Mr Bug...

River Don, Aberdeen, Scotland. Photo taken by Hannah Forsyth.

I've not done many close up on nature type photos, a perfect opportunity to add a little beastie, and err, a bigger beastie. The big guys just saying "hiya", but the little fella looks a bit worried.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oregon, Something is Coming to Get You!

Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo taken by Rodrigo Gallardo (lives in San Francisco).

Cloverfield 2?

Really like the mood of this photo. I tried to match the tone, but keep it doodley. Rodrigo is kindly allowing me to sell prints of this if you'd like one, it would look awesome on the walls of any proud Portlander.

Thanks for the great image!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo taken by Nick Diaz

No Polar bears were harmed during the making of this photo-doodle. Thanks to Nick for the humorous photo! You can check out his flickr account by clicking on his name above.

Sleeping Rough

Florence, Italy. Photo taken by Sally Paddock (from Leeds, UK).

I absolutely love this photo, really enjoyed doodling on it!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Monsters on the Bridge & in Love

San Francisco Bay Bridge, photo taken by Mayu chan

This image is great Mayu! Thanks for the photo, your support and all your tweets about my blog.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Monsters on the Radio

Reginald Merryweather, well loved BBC broadcaster of yesteryear sent me this photo to doodle on.

Photo taken in the back garden of his home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Cheers Reggie!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I Love Leeds & The Culture Vulture (part 2)

Continuing from the Leeds themed post below with a collaboration I'm doing with Joe Stenson.

Here's a couple from the collab;

Leeds Market. I love the architecture of this building and I think this photo captures it brilliantly. Like the cloudy sky too.

Inside Leeds Market. The angle made for a fun doodle!

Joe's website << CLICK >>

I Love Leeds & The Culture Vulture (part 1)

I've designed the September banner for Leeds culture site 'The Culture Vulture'. I received several excellent photos of my hometown for the banner. So, I decided to do a Leeds themed post using some of the amazing photos I received.

The banner (collab with Rick Harrison) and interview I did with The Culture Vulture is >here< go have a look and leave a nice comment. Thanks to Wendy for the brilliant and quirky questions! Go read for the shocking and amusing answers...

Here's the full photo of Leeds city centre at dusk . Photo taken by Rick Harrison;

Next up for doodling is the Hillside Community Centre in Beeston, photo taken by Ewan Mitchell;

This next one was taken at the iconic Leeds Corn Exchange, possibly my favourite building in Leeds. An amazing interior shot from Rick Harrison;

Thanks to all! I'm gonna do a part 2 for this, keep you eyes peeled.

I <3 Leeds!