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Project Photo Doodle and all doodles by Phil Wall. Header Photo taken by Rick Harrison in Leeds, England.

What Is Project Photo Doodle?

Hello! Bonjour, Konnichiwa, Hola, здравствулте, 你好, こんにちは...

The aim of my project is to doodle on as many parts of the world as possible via people's lovely photos sent to me from all over by email, adding a little fun and creativity to the world. Anyone can help and get involved just by sending a photo! If you want me to doodle on your photo just send me an email with your picture attached and some info about the location and where you're from (more info on sending photos in the 'Send Photos' section. Or you can link me to a photo online via my twitter @philwallart

I will credit you and if you're an artist/photographer I will link your website. Why not have a look around, make yourself a brew and enjoy!

If my project inspires you to pick up a pencil and have a doodle, or dust off your camera and take some photos, or just brings a smile to your face, all the better!

Email photos to:
(Please see the 'send photos/contact' section for all info before sending anything).

Doodling on the world, one photo at a time...


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Some Photo Doodle History

The project started from going places and doodling over any pictures that were taken by myself or friends and family, it was kinda like a memento of where I'd been and was a fun collaboration with anyone who got me some pictures. Luckily they liked them too! I started doing this around 2007.

Then I started doodling on the holiday photos of my friends and family, and they found them amusing! So, I got the idea to do this art project, and try to doodle on the Universe using photos from everybody that wanted to send them. I do a new doodle at least once a week (often on a daily basis), I started this blog in March of 2011, I've now doodled on well over 200 photos of the world!

I never thought something I did as a bit of fun would become so loved; I've been featured on the legendary art/culture/tech website 'Laughing Squid' and various other cool places (check Press & Events section), and in October 2011 I was featured in 'Front Magazine. I released the first Project Photo Doodle book in December of 2011 collecting some of my favourite doodles at that time (Check Merch section), and I plan to do a new one this year with the full doodle collection.


1. I prefer big high resolution photos, it makes it easier to doodle on. And if you want a print of the picture it needs to be a big high res photo for the printer. The bigger the better, but a minimum of 720 pixels wide please. By sending the photo you are giving me the right to doodle on your photo and also sell/reproduce/edit the doodled on photo. You must own the rights to the picture, or have permission from the photographer.(March 17th 2011)

Due to the large volumes of emails I receive I now take a small donation to my Paypal for my doodles (minimum of just £5). For donations of £10 or more you get a full size digital copy of the picture and for £20 or more you get a glossy A4 art print (the image needs to be high-res).

2. Many photos work well, I'm not that picky. Scenery is almost always good, close up shots of your face, not so much...

3. The more info about the location the better, for example; Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island New York, NY, USA. Also, let me know where you're from too, it's always nice to know if it's your hometown or you were just visiting.

4. Natural lighting usually works best, edited/photoshopped colours and lighting don't always work well with the doodles.

5. Send photos to

Or link me on twitter @philwallart

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