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Project Photo Doodle and all doodles by Phil Wall. Header Photo taken by Rick Harrison in Leeds, England.

About Me...

I'm Phil and I’m an artist based in the UK (Leeds to be exact), most known for doodling on photos (the website that you're on). My main focus as an illustrator is on greeting cards, postcards and limited art prints, you can view my other artwork here; Dreams and Monsters

After spending time in Tokyo I’d like to live there permanently one day. I have a beautiful baby girl, I live with my Canadian girlfriend and an evil cat.

I've had my work shown at; Harvey Nicholsthe Leeds Gallery, Leeds Central Library, The Leeds Corn Exchange, Cafe164, Full Circle Gallery, The Brudenell, Blacklight Gallery in Huddersfield and many more. I've also been featured in 'Front' magazine and on various websites including the famous culture blog 'The Laughing Squid' (see press section for full list).

I'm available for commissions, events, interviews and live drawing etc.

Say 'Hiya' on that Twitter and Instagram @philwallart

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Strange Kids Club
Culture Vulture
Fuel Your Illustration

More press and other features on Press & Event section.

Here's Some Fun Facts;
(for anyone interested in facts)

I drink too much coffee.
I'm one of them vegetarians.
I like geeky things.
Mr and Mrs Pacman were on top of my wedding cake.
Unfortunately Mr and Mrs Pacman were killed by ghosts and have parted ways...
I'm a bit obsessed with Star Wars (the original trilogy).
My favourite Ghostbuster is Venkman.
Classic Sci-fi and Horror nerd.
Kung-Fu movie enthusiast (proper Kung-Fu; Hong-Kong, Thai etc)
I like Strawberry yoghurt.
Favourite Food; Veggie Burger.
Heavily tattooed, including hands and sleeves.
I love Ninjas, Robots, Dinosaurs and Monsters (especially the Monstrous Robotic Ninja Dinosaurs).
Toy collector.
Video-gaming since the Commodore 64 days, currently play Xbox360 the most.
Supporter of Mental Health awareness.
I'm a supporter of equal rights.
I have a fondness for biscuits.
Eclectic music tastes; from The Cure to Wu-Tang Clan.
Instagram addict @philWallart
I sometimes do a Cult/Horror blog; Disturbed Kids
I Sometimes write about geeky things on here; Shurikenpixels
I really HATE quiche...

...and that's all you need to could just talk to me about stuff on twitter; @philwallart

My Links

Artwork on Dreams and Monsters

I sometimes write about geeky things on here; Shurikenpixels
I sometimes do a Cult/Horror blog; Disturbed Kids

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