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Project Photo Doodle and all doodles by Phil Wall. Header Photo taken by Rick Harrison in Leeds, England.

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Or link me via my twitter; @philwallart

I want photos to doodle on! I want to doodle on images from all over the world. Please Help. I update the place at least once a week (often daily).

If you'd like me to doodle on one of your photos send them to my email address. Any photos used will be credited to the photographer and I will link to your website. Or you can link me on twitter (both contacts are above).

I'm also available for commissions, press, events and live drawing etc, please email me on the above address.


1. I prefer big high resolution photos, it makes it easier to doodle on. And if you want a print of the picture, it needs to be a big high res photo for the printer. The bigger the better, but a minimum of 720 pixels wide please.

2. By sending the photo you are giving me the right to doodle on your photo and also sell/reproduce/edit the doodled on photo. You must own the rights to the picture, or have permission from the photographer. (March 17th 2011)

3. Many photos work well, I'm not that picky. Scenery is almost always good, close up shots of your face, not so much...

4. The more info about the location the better, for example; Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island New York, NY, USA. Also, let me know where you're from too, it's always nice to know if it's your hometown or you were just visiting.

5. Natural lighting works best, edited/photoshopped colours and lighting don't always work well with the doodles.

6. Send photos to ''. Thanks!

Or link via my twitter; @philwallart

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Not all images are available to buy. Shop coming soon! You can still buy prints in the meantime, send me an email to enquire. Some images are only available in smaller sizes.