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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Street of Sighs

Colonia del Sacramento, Colonia, Uruguay. Photos taken by Sofia Aguerre

Some words sent to me from Sofia, about the history surrounding the street in the photos;

"This place is called "La calle de los suspiros" (Street of sighs). There are several stories about this street. One of them is that the sentenced to death were taken to that street to drown when the tide rise. Another story tells that in the street, there were a lot of brothels where the sailors had fun, and the prostitutes sighed for them. The last and most told here is about a young girl who was waiting for her lover, when suddenly, a masked man thrust a dagger into her chest. The "sigh" was her last sigh...I've been to Colonia just once, two year ago, and it's a beautiful place."

Thank you Sofia for these photos!

You can check out her blog here;, and you can also say hello to Sofia on twitter by clicking on her name at the top of the post.


  1. A great stories, you should do this more often, urban legends etc. very interesting

  2. Thanks. I only added the story about the street cos Sofia sent it with the photos and I thought it was indeed interesting.

  3. Love the little guy and that lamp!! :D

  4. Class!! Love these

  5. I honestly adore this little guy :D Hes cute :)

  6. Thanks Serendipity, have we talked on twitter?

    I noticed you're in India? Please Send a photo for me to doodle, I may have asked you this already hah.