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Project Photo Doodle and all doodles by Phil Wall. Header Photo taken by Rick Harrison in Leeds, England.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I Love Leeds & The Culture Vulture (part 1)

I've designed the September banner for Leeds culture site 'The Culture Vulture'. I received several excellent photos of my hometown for the banner. So, I decided to do a Leeds themed post using some of the amazing photos I received.

The banner (collab with Rick Harrison) and interview I did with The Culture Vulture is >here< go have a look and leave a nice comment. Thanks to Wendy for the brilliant and quirky questions! Go read for the shocking and amusing answers...

Here's the full photo of Leeds city centre at dusk . Photo taken by Rick Harrison;

Next up for doodling is the Hillside Community Centre in Beeston, photo taken by Ewan Mitchell;

This next one was taken at the iconic Leeds Corn Exchange, possibly my favourite building in Leeds. An amazing interior shot from Rick Harrison;

Thanks to all! I'm gonna do a part 2 for this, keep you eyes peeled.

I <3 Leeds!


  1. The city at dusk looks so cosy! I love visiting Leeds, such a great city! Nice doodling!

  2. these are my faves! Love em'

  3. I think you're an artist to watch and doing your hometown proud mate. It's only a matter of time. Keep up the good work! x